The celebrations continue for Colston Bassett’s centenary. Lady Elizabeth le Marchant has also celebrated her centenary this year.
To commemorate the combined 200 years, a tree will be planted at Colston Bassett Dairy by Lady le Marchant on Thursday 3rd October at 11.00am.

Billy Kevan, Dairy Manager at Colston Bassett Dairy, commented; “To celebrate the past 100 years and the start of the next, we are planting a tree at Colston Bassett Dairy. The tree will be planted on the 3rd October 2013 by Lady Elizabeth le Marchant. Having reached this milestone both in terms of cheesemaking and the success of the farming co-operative, we feel that it is something that has to be marked in style. As the tree grows and takes shape, we hope too that the dairy – which is at the heart of the local community – will continue to thrive for another prosperous 100 years!”