Colston Bassett is proud to support the local community of Hickling in their bid to leave a historic account of village life for future generations.

The Hickling Village WI is creating a time capsule that will be ceremoniously embedded in the wall of the new village hall extension on Monday 20th July. The time capsule will include a variety of items that give an insight into Hickling Village life and history.

Paintings and photographs of the village; a handmade lace lavender bag filled with Hickling lavender; and a handmade felt collage, depicting swans on the Grantham Canal, are just a few of the unique pieces selected for the time capsule. The prominence of the dairy industry in the local area is also highlighted as the actual capsule container will be a small milk churn.

As a successful local dairy, Colston Basset is providing copies of a commemorative postcard marking their 100th anniversary.

To coincide with the sealing of the time capsule, the village hall is also hosting a special event organised by the Hickling History Group to celebrate the 150th anniversary of locally-born ‘King of Cheeses’ – Fred Maltby Warner.

After immigrating to the United States, Warner became the first foreign-born Governor of Michigan, serving three terms, and is remembered for fighting for women’s rights and equality. Warner was also known as the ‘King of Cheese’ due to his enormous success in the cheese industry – opening his first cheese factory in 1899 followed by several more throughout his lifetime.

Colston Bassett was keen to celebrate this interesting international slice of cheese history. Upon his death in 1923, Fred Maltby Warner’s family bestowed his mansion to the town of Farmington, which is now a museum celebrating his life. Colston Bassett’s centenary postcard will be featured in the Hickling section of the museum.