Discover a special partnership with Colston Bassett and Marston’s… 

For a truly harmonious marriage, cheese should be matched with beer – the malty, hop-fruit notes and yeasty esters of beer complements the creaminess of cheese, resulting in a powerful explosion of flavours. Not one for the fainthearted, this heady combination is aimed at satisfying both ale lovers and cheeseaholics. The variety of textures, flavours and aromas offer endless possibilities to pair these two artisan crafts.

Balanced Blends

The ideal cheese and beer pairing considers balance – you need to make sure the cheese does not overpower the beer and equally the beer should not take over the flavour of the cheese. The texture of some cheese can make them amenable to particular beers. Take blue cheese – salty, sweet, tangy and spicy – the variety and complexity of flavours is as varied as it is vivid. A good blue cheese can handle a weighty beer.

We have selected five craft beers and paired them with delicious Colston Bassett Stilton and Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue – to totally electrify your taste buds!

SWEET & SALTY – Stilton and Brakspear Triple III (ABV 6.7%)

A strong cheese needs a strong partner – that’s why Brakspear Triple III works well with Stilton. The strength of the blue flavour and saltiness in the cheese means it cuts through the sweetness in the beer for a wonderful crisp pairing.

THE DELICATE ONE – Shropshire Blue and Banks’ Bitter (ABV 3.8%)

The weakest of all the beers selected, Banks’ Bitter is a deep gold colour that delivers malty, hoppy flavours – best combined with Shropshire Blue. The richness of the Shropshire Blue distributes a clean finish to this easy drinking beer, so as not to overwhelm the palate.

THE MEATY PARTNERSHIP – Shropshire Blue and Owd Roger (ABV 7.4%)

Brewed to a recipe believed to be over five hundred years old, Owd Roger is a strong, meaty beer with honey undertones. This offers the perfect flavour to break through creamy Shropshire Blue and enhance the meatiness of the beer – a complementary combination.

THE RUSTIC PARTNERSHIP – Stilton and Marston’s Oyster Stout (ABV 4.5%)

This award-winning Oyster Stout has a slightly fruity aroma with a hint of chocolate. This smooth beer offers a delicious combination with Colston Bassett Stilton – a rich, dark, liquorice-y beer mixed with the spicy, saltiness of Stilton for a tangy finish. The fruity and roast malt tones of the beer bring forward a previously hidden chocolate-y side to the cheese.

THE SPICY BLEND – Stilton and Marston’s Old Empire IPA (ABV 5.7%)

A dream team when it comes to beer and cheese pairing. The texture and mild pungency of Stilton works well with the hoppy tones of this true India Pale Ale. The strong flavour of the IPA combines with this crumbly blue cheese – allowing the fruitiness of the hops to find similar flavours in the cheese.

Over to you…

When it comes to beer and cheese pairing, it is truly a matter of taste and preference. Creamy, rich cheese works well with a dark beer, a hard, pungent cheese pairs better with a lighter beer. Thanks to the versatility and diversity of beer, it can provide both a complementary and contrasting experience when eaten with cheese – so expand your palate for this underappreciated combination.